Women’s volleyball coach: I’m a ‘big, bold, strong’ woman

Women’s volleyball coach: I’m a ‘big, bold, strong’ woman

A former football coach who was dismissed after her coach was caught on video assaulting a player on the sidelines is speaking out against her former team and her employer.

“I’m not a big, bold female, and I don’t think women are the best,” said Jillian B. Lantz, who led the University of Minnesota’s women’s volleyball team.

Lampshear, a former football player who now coaches at the University at Buffalo, was dismissed from her job in 2014 for violating university policy.

The NCAA investigated and ultimately found that Lantz violated the university’s rules for student-athletes by participating in a football game while intoxicated.

The investigation found that she was not in control of her own behavior while intoxicated, but was in violation of university policy by making a “hostile, threatening, or intimidating” statement about the player, according to an NCAA statement.

Lopeshear did not return a message seeking comment from the AP.

She has since launched a new business, a social media platform called “Jill Lantz” that she hopes will help raise awareness of the “problem of alcohol abuse and violence against women.”

Lantz said she was fired from the team because she was too afraid to speak up against her coach and her employers.

“The way I saw it, there was no accountability,” she said.

“If someone does something wrong, then I’m the one to speak out, but I couldn’t even speak up because I wasn’t supposed to speak at all.”

She added that her team was told by her coach not to complain.

Lantshear said she tried to find a new job with a different company, but her coach refused to let her leave.

“They didn’t listen to me,” Lantz told AP.

“And I thought, ‘Oh my God, there’s no way I’m going to stay with this company.'”

She said she left in April, and was hired as a substitute coach at a college.

“It was not an easy decision to leave, but we all did,” she told AP on Wednesday.

“My goal is to get my foot in the door with some college programs, to help other young women who have experienced this.”

In the past year, the NCAA has investigated three coaches who were dismissed for violating school policy.

One of those coaches was also convicted of violating the school’s alcohol policy.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the university said the two cases are different and the disciplinary process is different.

The two former football players, both in their late teens, have since left their jobs with the team, the statement said.

Lott, who said she quit the team in the fall after a long period of unemployment, said she has found other opportunities since her dismissal.

“But now that I’m not working in the football field, I think I need to find some other job to get some income,” she wrote on Twitter.

Lotsher than 1 million women have been diagnosed with postpartum depression and about 20 percent have been sexually abused.


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