How To Make Your Own Women’s Jumpsuit With This 5-Minute Video

How To Make Your Own Women’s Jumpsuit With This 5-Minute Video

I got the idea to make a jump suit out of an old school jump-start that I kept around for years.

It has an old-school feel to it, but has a modern twist.

It was a simple decision that was made to combine the best features of my old jump-stop and make it my own.

The basic instructions below will give you the basics for making your own jump suit, including a tutorial on how to sew the fabric and make the lining.

I’ll also show you the basic instructions on how the skirt should be laid out, the length of the skirt and the length and width of the top and bottoms.1.

Make your own jumpsuit (or skirt)You can start with any basic jumper or skirt.

If you’re making a new one, be sure to get a few of the basics before you start.

Make sure the fabric is soft enough to roll and stretch.

You’ll need to find something that will work for you.

I chose a medium-weight cotton/polyester that is about an 8-oz.

sack, but a little heavier cotton/rubber will work too.

You can also use an old style cotton/silk fabric, such as a flannel/poly blend, for this.

The main fabric is a light-weight polyester blend, so you can add extra material later.2.

Make the liningYou will need a fabric to hang the skirt around.

A standard zipper on your shirt will work.

It will make the fabric easy to work with, and you’ll want a solid elastic that won’t fray.

You will need the following fabric: a 1-oz cotton/seamless blend, a 1 oz/5 oz silk blend, or a medium weight polyester fabric (such as a cotton/cotton blend).

I used a dark cotton/smoky grey blend, and it fit perfectly.3.

Sewing the fabric to the fabricYou will also need a seam marker.

This will make it easier to follow instructions on the seam.

You may want to use a ruler, or you can simply tape the seam and use a needle to mark the line.

I just used a sharpie, and a little bit of tape.

Make a mark on the fabric, and start to sew.4.

Make and lay the skirt You will want to leave about a 1/2-inch (2.5 mm) at the top of the lining for the zipper.

You want the zipper to be about 1 1/4 inches (4.5 cm) at its widest point.

Sew the zipper in place with the fabric in the center.5.

The lining and top and bottomYou will want the lining to lay flat on the ground, as opposed to being glued to the inside of the suit.

You don’t want to get any excess fabric on the outside of the seam or skirt, which will add weight and make them feel tight.

This is done by making a small flat cut on the lining and cutting out a hole about 1-1/2 inches (3.5-cm) wide.

You should now have a seam allowance of 1 1, 4, 6, or 8 inches (25-50 cm) for the lining, and 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm) or so for the top, bottoms, and side seams.6.

Attach the lining (with seam marker)You will sew the lining up on the inside, using the seam marker to mark where the zipper will go.

You won’t have to do anything special, and the zipper should stay put and not unravel.

If it does, you should be able to adjust the length later.

If the zipper is too short, you can try cutting it a little larger, or trying to get it just a little shorter.7.

Attaching the skirt to the lining6.1 Cut a small piece of fabric about the size of your zipper.

It should be about 2 inches (5 cm).6.2 Sew the fabric on to the zipperYou will now sew the seam to the bottom of the zipper, using a 3/8-inch seam allowance (not the 1 1 / 4-inch allowance).

Sew the seams to the top (the line should be 2 inches above the zipper).6,3,4,5,6,7.

Sew your lining to the skirt7.1 Attach your lining and lining together6.3 Make a small mark on your fabric that you will use later7.4 Cut the seam allowance on your lining6,5.6 Cut the zipper line to your desired length6.7 Make the zipper you just made6.8 Sew the lining togetherYour new jump-stitch fabric will fit your new suit well, so don’t worry if it’s not exactly what you expected.

You’re almost there!

But if you want something that’s a little different, you


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